How to Be Vulnerable: Tell People You Love Unicorns

being vulnerable with free unicorn wall art

I believe therefore I am one?

You want to be vulnerable? Try telling people you love unicorns. If you’re like me it’s hard. You think they’ll think you’re a flake, or at the very least sentimental and silly. And if you want to be taken seriously, saying you love unicorns feels like sentencing yourself to the nuthouse.

 As uncomfortable as it may be sometimes, you have to be willing to be vulnerable, to let go of what you think people are thinking. And if you’re sensitive, and for the time being since life still trains you to protect yourself at all costs, it takes courage to open up.


What Can Happen When you dare to be Vulnerable

I was in a conference once of entrepreneurs where the facilitator had just challenged us to look at how authentic we were. With knees shaking I stood up and confessed, “I‘m never authentic. I really, really, really love unicorns but never tell anyone.” He smiled and commented how nice it was to see the real me.

Later a husky looking guy told me how his aunt saw angels all the time. He wasn’t the least bit embarrassed by my admission. My joy, admiration and respect for him soared through the roof and he’s one of the few people I remember from that conference. I learned that day my fear of what other people thought of me was totally of my own making (yeah, duhhh!)

Easy or not, like me it’s up to you to be vulnerable, open and share what’s in your heart and soul – to be innocent (as in free of all judgment) so that you can experience the joy and love that comes gushing through that opening, no matter what response it garners.


Babies Don’t Care What you Think of Them

 Cause that’s what innocence is all about isn’t it? Babies don’t care what you’re thinking when they giggle at you with their heads between their chubby little legs, their noses pressed against their saggy (and maybe soggy) diapers. They do it for the sheer pleasure of experiencing joy in the moment; their hearts wide open.

It’s so worth it. Joy comes from daring to be vulnerable, from taking the risk to share whatever your version of “I love unicorns” is, and allowing others to see who you are are (heart and soul baby, heart and soul.)


Only vulnerability will allow you to experience the joy, love and innocence of the real you.











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