Dreams From The Void

Suppose The Void was the first thing The Great Intelligence brought into existence distinct from Itself. A place of inky black beauty. A womb if you will. The Great Intelligence plants a spark of intention into The Void. Then the light of The Great Intelligence and dark beauty of The Void conceive life so the act of creation would always be a shared endeavour.

For Nancy Janine Thibert, the supernatural painting series ‘Dreams From The Void’ is a visual ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ inspired by the personal challenge of being married for ten years to an alcoholic First Nations man, in an indigenous community ravaged by substance abuse.

It includes objects of archeological and art historical significance from many cultures, eras and places around the world. Making this series kept Nan from succumbing to her own depression. It kept her alive.

That being said, it’s also a visual tribute to the paradox that colour, which can only be seen in light, looks most brilliant against a dark background.