About Nan


photo of Nancy Janine Thibert, September, 2016.

Nancy Janine Thibert

Nancy Janine Thibert has always been interested in ‘dream states’. Although she now lives on the west coast, Nan grew up on the plains of Alberta, Canada. She spent time with Blackfoot First Nation families and immigrants from many countries around the world including Russian Hutterites. This fostered a love of cultural, spiritual and artistic diversity that is richly evident in her paintings.

Nan creates for simple reasons and often makes reference to other great works of art. Her ‘Unicorn Dreams’ paintings are a tribute to the fifteenth century “Hunt For The Unicorn” tapestries at the Cloisters Museum in New York, and to internationally acclaimed photographer and author Robert Vavra. Nan’s ‘Dreams From The Void’ series was created as a visual ‘dark night of the soul’ inspired by personal struggles. It includes objects of archeological and art historical significance from many global cultures. Her ‘Dream Colours’ series is a work in progress that mostly expresses her child-like love of art.

Nan often breaks the rules of proper drawing and painting chasing a greater vision, in a similar way that the dreams we have while sleeping are sometimes illogical and hard to explain when we wake.

She says…

It’s often said that physical ‘reality’ is the dream state and our inner world is what’s truly real. I don’t think it matters. Whatever you experience is real. And ultimately if what you experience gives more access to ‘You’, the part beyond ego and identity, you’re lifted up and expanded. And this lifts and expands the whole world.